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Do you have your own blog where you embed videos for your readers? Want to allow your readers to quickly and easily download those videos?
Install TubeNinja's simple script on your page to automatically add download links to the video embeds.


To install just place <script src=""></script> in the <head> section or just before the closing of the body-tag. Our script will do the rest ;)


If you want to change the text in the link, class or title you can override the default options
After the inclusion of our script just place another script tag where you override the settings

setting/variable default description
tubeninja.text Download Text of the download link
tubeninja.title Download with TubeNinja title of link, usually shown when link is hovered for a while
tubeninja.btnClass btn-tubeninja class for the download link _blank target for the link, _blank will open in new window/tab


    tubeninja.text = 'Download here'; // Default is "Download"


If you want to do extra styling of the download link it will have the class .btn-tubeninja (unless you override btnClass in settings)


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