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Welcome to TubeNinja - The best online video downloader

TubeNinja is an online video download helper that allows you to save streaming audio or video. It works on your computer or smartphone without any hassle. You don’t have to install and sketchy apps or plugins.

We support over 80 streaming sites and you can even paste links to pages that we are not supported. Our system will most likely find the files that you want anyway. (It’s that good)

Now that sounds good, doesn’t it?

How does it work? The non-technical version

When you stream a video or audio, the content is saved onto your computer for a while, so that it can play. This is the main reason TubeNinja is able to find the files.

In other words: to be able to view or list to the audio/video, your browser needs to access the file. Although “hidden” to the user so they don’t need to worry about that.

Read more about how streaming works

If a user has a bad internet connection, or later won't have Internet access at all, they can use TubeNinja to save it offline for later watching.

What we do is that we find the video/audio file so that the user can save it instead of viewing it or listening to it. The files are always there, as they need to for streaming. They are just not shown to the user in plain text, but “hidden” in the code.

Once we have the link(s) we just show it to you so that you can save the files without any installation.

How do I use it?

To use TubeNinja for downloading a video or audio file you will need to do one of the following things. Also explained at the top of the page.

There are some special instructions for some pages. This depends on how they handle their content. On some sites, you might have to copy the “share” URL. On other sites, you will be fine just copy-pasting the URL itself.


Our most popular supported sites

TubeNinja supports over 500 different streaming sites. With many more that still work without any extra effort. So when you want to download and online video or audio file you can always try to paste the link to TubeNinja and see if it can help you (which it most likely can).


The biggest video streaming site in the world that even offers live events for users to stream and comment on. Read on how to use TubeNinja as a YouTube Downloader

YouTube Playlists & Channels

If you need to download entire YouTube Playlists or Channels, you can use the awesome 4K Video Downloader for Mac, PC or Linux. It can save any channel or playlist in MP4, WAV, M4A, MP3 in high-quality (8k supported as well). 


Tumblr is one of the biggest microblogging networks around today. There are some special instructions to follow if you use the dl trick for tumblr. Read our tumblr download video instructions to save any tumblr video or audio.


If you don’t know about Vine it’s a site where users upload and share 6-second video clips. The clips can be shared to various social networks. You’ve most likely seen these videos in your facebook or twitter feed. Here are the instructions on how to use TubeNinja as a vine downloader for you favorite videos.


Once famous for being Twitter users’ go-to platform for sharing videos, Vimeo now stands on its own as a complete, high definition video sharing site. By visiting the site, you’ll see a gorgeous galaxy-filled background that would have you signing up in an instant. Check out the vimeo download instructions and tips if it suits you.


A site for music creators to share their music and get discovered. The dl-trick for this one is a bit special so check out how TubeNinja works as a bandcamp downloader.


Mixcloud contains radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts from every genre, but mainly includes DJ remixes from around the world. Globally acclaimed DJs focus on getting you a blend of trance, electro, and many different sorts of music with your favorite songs. There are also talks from sources like Harvard Business School and TED Talks on their site. TubeNinja works as a mixcloud downloader also.

Adult sites

As part of the sites supported by TubeNinja, many of them are serving adult content. Here are some of the most popular adult content sites that we support


One of the biggest adult streaming sites in the world. TubeNinja is definitely the best xvideos downloader service that you can find on the web.


Also one of the biggest adult streaming sites in the world, being part of the goliath PornHub network that is consuming a lot of internet bandwidth in the world. To save some of this bandwidth use our site as a pornhub downloader instead of streaming your favorite clip over and over.


Another big player in the adult streaming area. It is one of the biggest and most fast-growing adult sites in the world, and is known for fast-loading videos. Sadly they don’t offer any saving option over there, but you can use TubeNinja as your go-to xnxx downloader service.

Hentai Haven

For those who enjoy Hentai video we have some good news: you can use Tubeninja as a free hentai video downloader where you can browse videos from hentaihaven and see what's been popular, as well as download videos by link.


Started as a social network for people to chat and exchange pictures and videos, xHamster now has over 10M registered users. The site has even started a reality show. Check out our dedicated page on how to download xhamster videos quickly without any sketchy apps.


Boasting 6.3 million visits per day of which 5.6 million are unique, this site definitely deserves a mention. Read the instructions on how to perform a beeg download quickly and for free. It’s quite easy.


Another smaller adult streaming site that deserves a mention, mainly because it is part of the PornHub network. We didn’t manage to find a good redtube downloader, so we decided to add it to our site as well to help users with this task.


spankbang also gets a mention mainly because it seems to bring us a lot of traffic.

Remember to check for permission

Remember that if you save videos or audio for other uses than personal, you should contact the content owner and ask for permission. The laws might differ from country to country and you are responsible for using TubeNinja according to laws and following the Terms of use.

If you have any thought or suggestions feel free to contact us!