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About Instagram

An app that has surely changed the face of photo and video sharing, Instagram brought back the appeal of telling others your stories—through the photos and videos you share.

Instagram works for Android, iOS, and Windows Devices. It also works online, although you can’t upload photos online, though. The great thing about Instagram is that it gives you full control of the things you share. You can upload them as is, or choose to give them filters, change their shades, add highlights and shadows—and do whatever you want to enhance their appeal. You can do the same for videos, too, and now, uploading even became easier with the help of Instafit, a way to make sure that you wouldn’t have to cut those photos just so they’d fit the Instagram frame!

As for videos, while you may not upload extremely long videos, the app has a 60-second long limit; you can still have fun with them, especially with the help of Instagram’s very own Boomerang—an app that turns nanosecond videos to gifs, making your experience all the more fun and interesting!

Privacy is also one of the best things about Instagram. You see, unlike other platforms where you can just save or download photos and videos, Instagram doesn’t allow that to happen—unless you screenshot and edit those photos and videos yourself. You can also set it if you want your uploads to be automatically posted to your other social media accounts, or not. This way, you’d be able to manage what you post online better.

Instagram made vintage cool again. From its logo, to the way photos and videos are treated, things have that classic, beautiful feel. And now, with its simple yet more colorful new logo, one thing is sure: the beloved platform will continue to grow—and you’ll surely be watching it!

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Save Instagram videos

Download any video from Instagram by simple pasting the link to the video. TubeNinja will provide you the download link and you can easily save it.

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You can download and convert whole playlists from Instagram with a few simple clicks. Simply paste the Instagram playlist link and let our Instagram downloader handle the rest.

Convert Instagram to mp3

Convert and download Instagram mp3s by providing the link to the content. We will handle the rest and provide you with the mp3 you want.

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Download audio from Instagram even though the source format might be in video format. As simple as that!

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Our Instagram downloader is totally free and doesn't require any installation thanks to our unique solution. You don't even have to register, just paste the link and save what you need

How to download videos from Instagram with TubeNinja

Alternative 1: Copy-Paste method

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  2. Open a new window/tab and go to
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  4. Click Download and wait for the next page to load
  5. Select what quality you want to download the video in