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You can download and convert whole playlists from PornHD with a few simple clicks. Simply paste the PornHD playlist link and let our PornHD downloader handle the rest.

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How to download videos from PornHD with TubeNinja

Alternative 1: Copy-Paste method

  1. Copy the link of the PornHD video that you want to download
    ctrl + c is shortcut for copying (cmd + c on mac)
  2. Open a new window/tab and go to
  3. Paste the link in the input box at the top of this page
    ctrl + v is shortcut for pasting (cmd + v on mac)
  4. Click Download and wait for the next page to load
  5. Select what quality you want to download the video in

Alternative 2: URL-trick (faster)

  1. Open the PornHD video in your browser
  2. Go to the address bar and add "dl" in front of pornhd
    PornHD | Video ..
  3. Click enter / go
  4. Select what quality you want to download the video in