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About Stitcher

Do you ever want to just close your eyes and listen to the voice of your favorite idols talking about the issues that you care about? Then what you need is to listen to a podcast. There are many ways you can listen to podcasts. Podcasts are voice-only recorded shows that air from time to time on different stations and on the internet. It is very similar to radio shows that used to air but slowly faded away. Since the advent of the internet, people prefer listening to podcasts on the web instead of listening to the radio.

However, would you like it if a bad internet connection ruins your podcast? Of course, you won't! The real fun of listening to a podcast is when it is properly streamed so that you can listen to it smoothly. However, you can't listen to it seamlessly with a bad internet connection. The podcast takes time to buffer, and this is where you wish you had a solution to this problem. This is where TubeNinja will help you out.

TubeNinja is currently the best way for you to listen to your favorite podcasts without any issues. Using TubeNinja is pretty easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below to download the podcast you want. Whether you have a slow internet connection or are offline, you can easily listen to your favorite podcast without any problems.

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How to download podcasts from Stitcher with TubeNinja

Alternative 1: Copy-Paste method

  1. Copy the link of the Stitcher podcast that you want to download
    ctrl + c is shortcut for copying (cmd + c on mac)
  2. Open a new window/tab and go to
  3. Paste the link in the input box at the top of this page
    ctrl + v is shortcut for pasting (cmd + v on mac)
  4. Click Download and wait for the next page to load
  5. Select what quality you want to download the podcast in

Alternative 2: URL-trick (faster)

  1. Open the Stitcher podcast in your browser
  2. Go to the address bar and add "dl" in front of stitcher
    Stitcher | Podcast ..
  3. Click enter / go
  4. Select what quality you want to download the podcast in