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About Vine

Vine, a video sharing network, was founded by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June 2012. Before it was officially launched into the market, it was bought by Twitter in October 2012 for $30 million. Vine allows its users to make a short six-second video clip which can then be browsed by other users according to its theme or popularity. These videos can also be shared on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In a matter of 4 years, Vine has gained enough fame that it competes with the top rated photo/video sharing services such as Instagram. Moreover, by December 2015, it has attracted 200 million users to it.

Vine is being used by its users for a variety of purposes. People upload hilarious skits, music performances, and animated videos on it. Moreover, it is being used by journalists as well as by advertisers for promotional purposes.

But what if you watched a video on Vine and later want to show it to your friend, but the internet connection betrayed you at that very moment? Do not worry as we provide you with an opportunity to download videos so that they can be watched while you are offline.

How to download videos from Vine with TubeNinja

Alternative 1: Copy-Paste method

  1. Copy the link of the Vine video that you want to download
    ctrl + c is shortcut for copying (cmd + c on mac)
  2. Open a new window/tab and go to
  3. Paste the link in the input box at the top of this page
    ctrl + v is shortcut for pasting (cmd + v on mac)
  4. Click Download and wait for the next page to load
  5. Select what quality you want to download the video in

Alternative 2: URL-trick (faster)

  1. Open the Vine video in your browser
  2. Go to the address bar and add "dl" in front of vine
    Vine | Video ..
  3. Click enter / go
  4. Select what quality you want to download the video in