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TubeNinja supports a countless of different streaming websites for saving the content. Check the list on the right to see all the websites that we support. Note that even if a site is not in the list it might be supported anyway and you can try to copy-paste the link in the input field above.

Url-trick websites ()

For many of the streaming content websites you can just open the video/audio/course and then add dl in the URL (address bar) and click enter. This will allow you to come straight to our page were our site will pull out the links. If the site is not supported by the URL-trick you can still copy-paste the link and paste it in the input at the top of this page.


We even support many other websites that are not listed here. If you for example find a site with a nice compilation of embedded videos you can paste the link to that page in the input box at the top of this page and hit Download. Our site will then look through the site and find all embedded videos that we support and give you a list of download links.