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nationalgeographic is the 1,246th most popular webpage in the world according to Alexa rank.
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NG Live!: Erika Cuéllar: Hands-on Conservation

South America's Gran Chaco region spans a complex mix of land, climates, and species. National Geographic Emerging Explorer and conservation biologist Erika Cuéllar shares her passion a...

Falling Down Ladders

Here are some examples of how not use a ladder.

Mousetraps Are Not For People

These clips remind us why mousetraps are designed to catch mice, not humans.

A Surf Dog and Balancing Tricks

Dogs have a large base of support and a low center of gravity, which makes them great at skateboarding, surfing, and treadmills!

It's a Squirrelly Situation

Keith gets down to the detective work of identifying the culprit behind some shredded insulation.

Gorilla vs. Gorilla

<p>Two huge male gorillas square off in the wild in a test of dominance. Which will emerge victorious?</p>

Hardcore Parkour

Welcome to the wonderful world of parkour, where daredevil “free runners” traverse the urban landscape with style and grace. But like any sport, practice makes perfect. Just ask these fellas.

Masked Bandit

A raccoon risks life and limb in order to gorge himself on a fatty meal of—dog food!

Mating Crabs Busted by Sharks

<span class="aBn" data-term="goog_149286144" tabindex="0"><span class="aQJ">February 10, 2015</span></span>&nbsp;- During a National Geographic expedition surveying sea life off the coast of Chile,...

Rare White Giraffes Spotted

Sept. 14, 2017 - Rangers spotted two extremely rare white giraffes in northeastern Kenya. They have leucism, a genetic condition that causes skin cells to produce no pigmentation. Their lack of cam...